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Please follow the below process to renew the SSL certificate.[Export the certificate in complete chain.

However, this would not cause any disturbance to the already enrolled devices.

Important: It is recommended to reboot the Xen Mobile server after uploading the Certificate.

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Use the Private Key and Certificate Signing Request obtained in the previous steps to obtain a new certificate (CERT) at your preferred vendor.We recommend Geo if you don’t already have one chosen.Once you have your new certificate saved and copied, continue.This error happens when your computer is missing a file that it needs to verify that the server behind Ruby is the correct one.Follow the steps outlined in the Ruby Gems and Bundler Open SSL/TLS guide to troubleshoot the problem.If you’re still encountering issues, you can open an issue on Git Hub.Renewing SSL Certificates is a process that requires some time and dedication to complete.There is no way to modify an issued certificate that has been installed on your website, so all we can do is replace an expiring (or expired) certificate.makes the process easier for you by providing a Renew link to help you select the same certificate type as before and to help you obtain the best savings available.To get started, login to the User Portal at https://com/user_session/new and click the Orders tab.A list of the certificates that you have purchased from us will now be visible.

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