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a secret society of Naples associated with robbery, blackmail and murder. Probably both the word and the association were introduced into Naples by Spaniards.

There is a Spanish word camorra (a quarrel), and similar societies seem to have existed in Spain long before the appearance of the Camorra in Naples.

It was in 1820 that the society first became publicly known.

It was primarily social, not political, and originated in the Neapolitan prisons then filled with the victims of Bourbon misrule and oppression, its first purpose being the protection of prisoners.

In or about 1830 the Camorra was carried into the city by prisoners who had served their terms. They had special methods of communicating with each other.

They mewed like cats at the approach of the patrol, and crowed like cocks when a likely victim approached.

A long sigh gave warning that the latter was not alone, a sneeze meant he was not “worth powder and shot,” and so on.

The society rapidly extended its power, and its operations included smuggling and blackmail of all kinds in addition to ordinary road-robberies. Princes were in league with and shared the profits of the smugglers: statesmen and dignitaries of the church, all classes in fact, were involved in the society’s misdeeds.

From brothels the Camorra drew huge fees, and it maintained illegal lottery offices.

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