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Ms access screen not updating

, you can grab a copy of the latest build directly from Microsoft’s website. As with any operating system update, some users have been reporting bugs and annoyances. Whether it’s a problem with the installation process or an issue that’s arisen after a few weeks of usage, Make Use Of is here to help.If you’re one of the affected users, it can be frustrating. We’re going to investigate some of the most common problems with the Fall Creators Update and try to offer some solutions.

Before we get into problems surrounding the update itself, what happens if you can’t even get your hands on a copy?

If Microsoft has not offered you an update yet, it’s probably for a good reason Check for updates.

If nothing has failed and no further updates are available, you can manually download the ISO file from Microsoft’s online Software Download page. Your attempt to upgrade may fail due to a number of different error codes. If you see error code 0x800F0922 pop up on your screen, it means one of two things.

Just be aware that you might introduce unnecessary problems to your machine. Either you’re not connected to the Microsoft servers, or you don’t have sufficient space in your in the System Reserved partition. Some users have also reported their VPN software caused issues.

Of course, you should always use a VPN, but you might have to disable while you run the update. These four error codes indicate a lack of space on your hard drive.

The installation process needs 8GB of free space for temporary files.

If you’re short of space, use the Disk Cleanup tool to delete unneeded files.

If you’re still short of space, insert a blank USB flash drive with 8GB or more of storage.

Windows will automatically detect it and use it for the temporary files.

These two codes indicate your computer’s hardware does not meet the Windows Creators Update’s minimum requirements. Any computer running the 32-bit version of Windows 10 now needs 2GB of RAM.

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