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Married dating sight

22 single - and very brave - Australians, who are looking for their soulmate, decide to put their fate in the hands of matchmakers and walk down the aisle on their first date.That's right: without meeting their bride or groom.Naturally, what follows is a Following the ceremony, the couples are then thrust straight into married life with a few weeks to decide whether the expert matchmakers got it right, or very wrong.

Melbourne-based beauty expert Sarah Roza might also look familiar.

Married at First Sight viewers fell for the charms of a romantic groom who tied the knot with a woman he hadn't met until their wedding day.

Richard, 28, a police sergeant, won fans over when he admitted he was looking for a 'sunshine and rainbows' kind of love.

But it was the adorable moment Richard practised for his first dance with his beloved dog Merlin that really melted hearts, as he lifted the spaniel to his chest and twirled to At Last by Etta James.

He got legally hitched to Harriet, a financial adviser, who had put her career before finding love, during Thursday night's episode of the Channel 4 show.

Viewers labelled him a 'keeper', with many declaring they'd love to marry him themselves. 'Another adorable moment saw Richard get a ring designed for his bride-to-be, which he made himself with the help of jeweler.Richard took the pooch for a twirl around the room after eating admitting he was in serious need of his some practice for his first dance with Harriet.'I hope Harriet is a little less into licking faces than this one! Viewers thought the moment was 'adorable', and took to Twitter to say they'd like to take Harriet's place as his bride. His bride Harriet had longed to find the one after long hours at her London-based job stopped her from having a regular dating life, and had been single for five years.One tweeted: 'If it doesn't work out with Richard & Harriet can I have a Richard please? She said: 'After five years on my own I do worry about finding the person I'm going to be with.He's lovely.''He dances with his dog and has made her wedding ring!! I look at my friends settling down and I just think ''Why haven't I got that yet? ''' She'd said that when she went to weddings family members would ask when it would be her turn, and she was tired of telling them she was single.Experts including a sex expert and a vicar paired her up with Richard, 28, who works anti-social hours including nights and weekends as a police sergeant.Married At First Sight receives 1,000s of applications which makes the match-making process a complicated one.A team of experts – including psycho-sexual therapist and psychologist Jo Coker, biological anthropologist Dr Jake Dunn, registrar Cynthia Green, and clinical psychologist Martin Hald – work as a team to pair up people best suited to one another.In order to establish their varying personalities, likes and dislikes and morals candidates go through a series of hurdles so that they can be best placed.Those applying to the show are subjected to workshops, interviews, background checks, various tests and personality questionnaires (some of which can take over 12 hours to complete).Eventually the panel narrows the selection down to 15 candidates with just six paired up with 'dealbreakers' such as smoking used to cut out potential suitors.He'd had five serious relationships and signed up to a dozen dating websites, but had no luck finding the right partner to settle into his hectic life.

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